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Electrical Automation

Industry today relies heavily on electronic systems and technology and so businesses must be confident they are placing responsibility for this discipline in capable hands.

Monitoring and control of remote facilities and assets are important components of many process management operations. Falcon recognise that reliable telemetry and instrumentation are fundamental to the effectiveness of processes and can be mission critical. In the same way, they appreciate that control panels are a vital part of the human / machine interface for monitoring and managing industrial processes.

Falcon’s background and experience in electrical engineering and associated skills positions them as a leading contractor in the field of industrial electrical automation.

Plant Automation

Falcon offers a comprehensive bespoke service, including full turnkey projects – supply, installation (including software and programming), commissioning and maintenance for all instrumentation and telemetry applications and control panels. As part of the service, the company can also compile all relevant instruction manuals for its installations.

Control Panels

Falcon is skilled in the design, build and installation of control panels. The company has its own engineering workshop where the panels can be assembled and repaired. Other areas of operation in this field include:

– Fully programmable touch-screen display and control systems

– Full MCC systems

– LV switchboards & distribution boards

– Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

– Inverter drives for electrical motors

– PFC & Surge Protection

– GRP Kiosks & Feeder Pillars

– Lighting System Control Panels

– CT/ Kwh Metering Panels

Panel Modification

With over 4 decades of experience of panel modifications, Falcon have a knowledge of the industry and are happy to undertake maintenance and upgrade work on existing LV distribution systems. Our highly trained engineers will attend site and offer our opinions on how to maintain and modify existing equipment with as little down time as possible.

Depending on the age and manufacturer of the existing panel we can potentially provide a panel extension, and fit replacement breakers/meters. Sometimes it is deemed necessary by the engineer on the site survey to replace the existing panel due to age or safety concerns, we can provide a modern replacement if this is the case adding extra supplies to suit the client’s needs.

We also provide on-site tests to check the functionality of the switchgear. These include; load tests, thermal imaging, panel testing and maintenance, busbar testing and maintenance, and HV testing and maintenance. And will be followed up with the associated report upon completion.

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We provide a comprehensive range of electrical services to numerous clients across a wide variety of sectors.


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