Leith Docks Edinburgh- Grampian Surveyor (PAT Testing Sub Contract)

The Grampian Surveyor is a multipurpose field support vessel specially equipped by Fugro Subsea Services Limited for offshore infrastructure inspections.

It’s fair to say that this ship spends much of its time at sea and is rarely basking by the seaside.

With this in mind a limited time was allocated to carry out the in service inspection of all the appliances within the vessel whilst it was docked . This included everything from a kettle to a computer.

At short notice Falcons testing engineers were appointed the task of carrying out the portable appliance testing and providing all necessary labelling and certification whilst the vessel was situated at Leith Docks.

The works were carried out on behalf of another electrical testing contractor who had limited resources at that time. All portable appliance testing was undertaken out with normal business hours and within the short time frame allowing the vessel to continue on its next mission to Africa.


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